1. rod, pole, shaft, stake, stick, sprag, Archaic. scape; crosspiece, Naut. crosshead, Naut. spar, Naut. boom, Naut. batten, Naut. fib.
2.(all of gold or silver) ingot, wedge, block, lump, nugget.
3. shoal, shallow, reef, coral reef or head; spit, tongue, sandbar, sandbank, gravel bank; ridge, ledge, shelf, flat.
4. obstacle, obstruction, barrier, barricade, blockade; stop, block, impediment, hindrance, check, deterrent, hurdle, stumbling block; constraint, restraint, trammel; snag, catch, hitch, rub, drawback, fly in the ointment; congestion, jamb, blockage, stoppage.
5. ban, prohibition, proscription, injunction, taboo, forbiddance, preclusion, disallowance; embargo, boycott, lock out.
6. diner, lunch counter, lunch room, luncheonette, grill room, cafeteria, canteen, cafe, restaurant.
7. tavern, saloon, barroom, taproom, alehouse, Brit. public house, Brit. pub, Brit. local; cocktail lounge, bistro, cabaret, nightclub; inn, hotel, hostel; All Sl. gin mill, watering hole, dive, barrel-house, honky-tonk, speakeasy, after-hours joint, U.S., Obs. blind tiger or Pig.
8. counter, table, tray, buffet.
9. legal profession, legal fraternity, members of the bar; lawyers, attorneys, attorneys-at-law, solicitors, advocates, barristers, counselors; jurists, legists.
10. tribunal, court, judicatory, assize, inquisition, court-martial; board, commission, council, divan.
11. band, belt, strip; stripe, streak, striation; line, slash, dash, score.
12. rail, railing, balustrade, stile, pale, gunwale, guard.
13. crowbar, crow, iron crow, claw bar, pinch bar, wrecking bar; lever, pry, jimmy, handspike.
14. bolt, latch, lock, lock up, padlock, secure, fasten.
15. obstruct, impede, hinder, deter, block, blockade, barricade, stand in the way; stop, stay, close, occlude, shut off, choke off; prevent, preclude, obviate, forestall, Law. enjoin, Law. estop; forbid, prohibit, ban, taboo, interdict, circumscribe, disallow, rule out, disqualify, draw the line; restrain, constrain, trammel, bridle, retard, frustrate, thwart.
16. exclude, omit, except, leave out, spurn, ostracize; isolate, separate, segregate, set apart, cut off or away; reject, refuse, repudiate, debar, lock out, shut out, blackball, eliminate, boycott; exile, relegate, banish, expatriate, outlaw, excommunicate, deport, cast aside, cast out, thrust out.
17. stripe, streak, striate, vein, marble; band, belt, crossbar.
18. except, excepting, except for, with the exception of; excluding, omitting, barring, precluding, leaving out; but, without, lacking, less, minus, save; besides, other than, apart from, Inf. outside of.

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